Every yoga beginner have following questions in his mind and search solution everywhere to gather information about yoga.

▪ What is yoga

▪ What is hatha yoga

▪ Is yoga good for you

▪ How to do yoga

▪ How often should you do yoga

what is yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that enhances personal growth and well being. Although it is a systemic philosophical approach,yoga is not a religion, but complementary with most spiritual paths. Yoga is a timeless tradition from Rig Veda with a history of over 5000 years. Yoga means uniting individual soul Jeevatma with universal soul Paramatma. Yoga is an ancient philosophy that educates on health and harmonious living.It is a science of self-awareness, self development and self-transformation

Yoga is a way of life that boosts positive energies and improves quality of life.Yoga bestows self understanding, love, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. It is a natural therapy that makes one look healthy, youthful and beautiful.Yoga is an amazing inward journey that illuminates life beyond pain and suffering.

Yoga often referred to as a tree .A living entity with roots ,a trunk ,branches,blosooms and fruits . it has six branches termed as Rajyoga , Karma yoga,Bhakti Yoga,Jana yoga,Hatha yoga and tantra yoga


What is hatha yoga

Hatha yoga- It is unique from other forms of yoga in that it has a focus on mastering the mind, the body, and the relationship between the two through the practice of positions

It has a two powerful tool 1) Asanas 2) Pranayama

I)Asana- Asanas are specific geometric postures designed to suit the anatomy of human body. They are much more than physical exercise because they provide perfect mind-body balance. Asanas connect body and mind, remove blocks and imbalances, mobilize inactive muscles and joints and promote ease and harmony. Asanas are performed with deep awareness and guided by specific breathing.

2) Pranayama is the conscious expansion of inhalation and exhalation in a specific manner. It is a scientific process of internal purification, draws the mind inwards and connects to deeper levels of consciousness. Pranayama refreshes and energizes the brain, calms the mind, removes stress, negativity and makes all the systems function well.


Is yoga good for you

Yoga is for everyone , Any body perform hatha yoga without any restriction of age and sex but if anybody has medical problem then better consult with doctor .It has numerous benefits 1) it relive from stress 2)control blood pressure 3)overcome overweight problem 4) Sharpen your mind 5)relive from pain 6) Elevates your mood. Etc


How to do yoga

There are many ways to learn yoga , but the best way is under guidance of expert yoga teacher . There are many yoga asana which is very easy to perform that will be learn from guided videos very easily.

The main advantage of yoga is that it can be perform in home and only require few things like yoga mat , comfortable dress


How often should you do yoga

It depends upon your purpose ,if you want to get fit then 3-5 times in a week is sufficient but if your purpose is yoga for weight loss then you have to take 5-6 session of 1 hour weekly according to your body requirement .It’s all depend person to person some uses yoga for flexibility other can do yoga for relive stress.