Benefits of Meditation

As I described earlier that soul in our body is like a battery in a mobile .As battery need charging for a mobile to work properly , similarly our soul also need charging in term of meditation so that our body can work properly .We can say that meditation is nothing but to make connection with Supreme power (GOD) to make our soul energized. Several thoughts comes in our mind daily. By meditation we can focus our mind towards the supreme energy to put control on the traffic of thought comes in our mind.

By getting energy from supreme power we can build an electromagnetic field around us , so that external negative energy cannot reach us and disturbs us .The negative vibration from a person can easily be reflected back from the aura ,which we make around us due to meditation. Negative thought in our mind generally make us weak & leads to to depression also create a negative environment around us .Due to which we deviated from our path and start doing wrong deeds,Which leads us to get depressed and helpless.


To get ourselves free from depression we need to do meditation daily in the morning hour specially to get the blessing of God and charged our soul so as to get ready to do our daily work with improved mental status.